BubbleTrails is an educational game that is waterproof.  It was created to be played by young children ages 2-6 while being supervised by an adult.    Children learn to love taking a bath by playing BubbleTrails.    The game is played by kids rolling a floating color cube and moving to the bubble that matches the color they rolled.  Each time they land on a bubble, their parent (or other adult) draws a card which tells them to pick a specific letter, number or shape which is floating in the water.  They then stick it to the tub wall.  Kids are learning colors, letters, numbers and shapes.  They are washing different parts of their body when they land on Washing Bubbles.   The first child to complete the bubble trail, which includes drying off, brushing teeth and hair, putting on pjs and jumping into bed, wins!


Kids are then treated to a magical experience about Jessie and Riley, who dream they are kidnapped by Pirate Bubbles and by Princess Bubbles.  They are taken to Bubble Island on an enchanted pirate ship.  There they play BubbleTrails and get clean.  When they wake up, they are clean and Jessie’s Mom cannot figure out how it happened.


BubbleTrails helps parents and children spend relaxed quality time together at the end of a long day.  Children are bathing, learning, being read to and falling asleep and then tired parents can go to sleep too.


We at Bathtub Games for Kids, Inc. will be writing more adventures for Jessie and Riley soon.  We will also be creating new products for children with the BubbleTrails characters, e.g. BubbleTrails shower curtains, stuffed animals, PJs, pillows, sheets and blankets.

BubbleTrails is the first in a planned series of games that makes bath time and going to bed fun.  Children are learning letters, numbers, colors and shapes while washing their hair, brushing their teeth and going straight to bed to read a story about Jessie, the girl who would never take a bath.  Kids go to sleep dreaming of , Bubble Island, Princess Bubbles, pirate bubbles, mermaids, and how Jessie and her dog, Riley, finally took a bath.

Kids love playing BubbleTrails

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