Our family grew up in the country in Central New York. We always had lots of animals and places to run and play. We made up a lot of games to keep ourselves busy. BubbleTrails is just one of those games.


There were five kids in our family and eight kids in the family next door. We had 350 acres with 3 ponds, 7 horses, 60 cows, calves, dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, chickens, bunnies…. you name it. That’s where some of the stories we write come from.


When I started my family, we moved back home to Central NY so that my kids could grow up the same wonderful way that I did – horses, swimming holes, picnics, bonfires, sleeping outside, tree houses, swings, hay fields, tractor trails, streams, running in the grass barefoot, family, and safe.


The initial idea for BubbleTrails happened in 2004. The idea just came to us while we were all sitting at the dinner table. It popped out of nowhere and everyone has been refining the idea ever since . We were pretty sure it was a good idea. Nothing like it exists that we know of. It’s educational and it helps parents get kids to take a bath and go to bed. What parent doesn’t need help with that?


We plan to write more stories for BubbleTrails and we are already working on our next game. We hope you love playing them as much as we do – Jessie, Riley, Ryan, Christopher, Melanie and Jean

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